Timeless Appeal

An 8-year-old girl’s bedroom is remade as a royal abode, proving that elegance and sophistication look great at any age

The Challenge: When interior designer Christine Archer was hired to redecorate Tara and Robert Koffman’s Sammamish home, she also redesigned each of their four young daughters’ bedrooms. For 8-year-old Lindsey’s room, Archer wanted a timeless space that could grow with Lindsey and reflect her personality, rather than one filled with trendy decorations that would be out of style in a year.

The Solution: Lindsey wanted a room designed for a princess. To make her dream come true, Archer added rich colors and textures—but because she was designing for a child, she specified durable, easy-to-clean fabrics. Lindsey’s color choices, aqua blue and chocolate brown, appear on the bedding, drapes and chair, which is covered in a polyester blend that feels like velvet but wipes clean with water. Archer created a fabric “crown” for above the bed; its butterfly fabric covering cascades down to the bed and contributes to the feel of lavish luxury. The end result is timeless and ageless, proving that elegance needn’t be reserved for adults.

•    Archer found the antique chair at Pacific Galleries and reupholstered it with durable fabric.

•    Lindsey’s color and print choices are reflected in the aqua-blue headboard and butterfly “crown.”

•    The chandelier from J. Garner Home above the bed adds a touch of elegance.

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