Interior Design Trends

I am excited to let you know about some of the latest trends. I feel one of the biggest ways to age yourself is to have an outdated home. In other words, not keeping up with trends and styles over time is a quick way to make you look older than you are, and we don’t want that, now do we? The stylish trends of fashion and home relate so much to each other. When you walk into a home that’s not current and looks dated, how do you feel? I am not saying that we have to replace our furniture as often as we buy new jeans, but easy and fun accessories can go a long way to help you stay current. Some easy areas to address are to update old lamp shades or unsightly drapes. That being said, wallpaper is still very hot. As I sit here writing this, I’m watching my hallway be transformed — new, beautiful white and silver wallpaper is being hung. Do not be afraid of doing it, as it’s not your 90’s wallpaper anymore. When done right, it can be very hip and cool. If any of you saw the newest “Sex and the City” movie, you may have noticed that there was a lot of wallpaper and some very cool fabric designs, not to mention the sunglasses and shoes!

Orange is so big in fashion and in the home right now. I am nuts about it. For many years, it was my least favorite color but now it’s one of my favorites. It’s showing up everywhere – pillows, throws, rugs, etc. I just ordered two leather chairs in orange for a client. I can’t even begin to tell you how fabulous they are. My favorite thing that I purchased personally this summer is my orange watch – someone is always commenting on it. The color just makes me smile. Try adding just a dash of orange to your home and watch — it will make you smile, too.

As I always remind you, you should always LOVE your home and it should always make you happy when you walk in. There is no place like a well-dressed house to come home to.

And for many of you, I want to thank you for letting me help you with your homes and for all of the great referrals you have given me through the years. I do truly appreciate it.

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